There’s a lot of different ideas of how to learn guitar, especially when you want to learn guitar as a complete beginner. And you haven’t played any instruments before.

Some people might tell you that learning guitar is super easy and quick.

While others tell you that is really difficult and take years to master.

Some people say you could just learn from some videos on YouTube or teach yourself like Jimmi Hendrix, while others swear by their guitar teachers.


On top of that, there’s the question of your guitar -what kind of guitar should you get and how do you know if you get the right one or not?

I believe the way you go about learning the guitar is different to the next person.

Everyone is different and therefore travel on different paths in pursuit of their musical goals.

The way that Jimmy Hendrix became obsessed with the guitar from a young age playing 15 hours a day for years might not be for everyone.

The way that some people love playing with other people and join 10 bands to improve their guitar playing is again different.


Others really enjoy being able to listen to their guitar playing and the delicacy of their guitar playing.


So how do I learn guitar?

Whatever process you take, there are simple things that will help you to learn guitar a lot faster.


1.      Someone to show you the ropes, or even better, mentor and train you.


For you, this might be a parent, a relative, or a guitar teacher.

And on top of just showing you what to do – you really want someone who can train you, help you with your practicing, answer any questions for you, and help you with the steps you need to take so that you can progress faster on guitar.

The biggest reason why people quit guitar is due to frustration and seeing a lack of progress. This can even happen at the top level of guitar playing.


2.      Having good quality instruments to play with


Everyone is in different financial situations, but try to get the best you can afford that is at least adequate for playing the guitar, and inspires you to pick it up.

Poorly made guitars can break, go out of tune quickly, be hard to play on your fingers. All just making it that much unnecessarily harder for yourself.


3.      A level of passion or obsession about guitar and music


If we compare like to like students. The students that we see that learn guitar the fasters are definitely the students who have visualized themselves playing the guitar the longer.

They then take that level of love, passion, obsession, whatever you want to call it. And use that power their brain outside of practicing the guitar.

Meaning they are constantly thinking about their guitar playing, it could be singing along to music, imagining themselves playing guitar, tapping out rhythm; watching musicians and their hand movements then imagining themselves doing it.


All these little things add up to them improving on the guitar much faster.


With these three things – you are well under your way to learning the guitar in a way that is the most fun for you. Any obstacles you have, you can ask your guitar teacher to help you with. You can an instrument that inspires you to pick it up and play. And you have the passion and obsession required to dedicate your time and energy into guitar, and most importantly, a great attitude towards learning. Then you’ve got a very exciting journey ahead.


About Author:

Guitar Tuition East London is a guitar school in East Village Stratford London, helping different kind of musicians improve and exceed their potential for learning the guitar. They help them find and continue their passion for music so that they enjoy the journey of learning the guitar.