Mike Excels At Advancing Guitar Players:

  1. Guitar Playing Techniques

  2. Fingering & Picking Efficiency Training

  3. Muscle Memory, Coordination & Synchronization Training

  4. Rhythm And Solo Phrasing, Musical Expression Awareness and Implementation

  5. Songwriting & Music Theory

  6. Live Show Performance And Preparation

  7. Recording and Recording Preparation

When you take lessons from me, the Guru of Guitar Technique, you get better at guitar right now.  In just one lesson I can solve the problem you’ve been dealing with for weeks, months or years.  Explode your growth by implementing my efficiency training methods to overcome the obstacles holding your performance back. 

The guitar lessons have improved my understanding and appreciation of the guitar. When listening to a song I am able to understand what is being played and how. My technique has improved immensely. I believe I would not of been able to pick up on some of the nuances of techniques without the detailed lessons I have had. I am able to take what we learn in the studio and really concentrate and practice on the different phrases of each song. Michael is the consummate professional and teacher.
Tony J., Lemont, IL