I would say that the benefits of taking guitar lessons with Mike were that I had somebody to constantly motivate me from a level I wanted to be at. Someone who knew what I wanted to learn and had a teaching style that would help me along the way.
Daniel Farnsworth = Arlington Hts, IL
Before I even started taking lessons with Mike, he taught me proper form in which to pick the guitar. Once I en-grained the new picking style into my way of playing, my overall performance at the instrument rose noticeably, and playing guitar became much easier and enjoyable. Throughout the years I took lessons with Mike, probably the most valuable piece of information I gained from him was, much like with the picking form, proper technique with the instrument. Without proper technique, I believe you hinder yourself from constantly growing at the instrument, as well as overall ease at playing it.

Being a student of Mike’s for many years, I recorded several things with him, some being original recordings, while others being overdubs of existing songs with my own guitar playing. The information I gained from those recordings were mostly how to play under pressure, along with how intricate, time consuming, and difficult it can be to record quality tracks. However, despite saying those things, they were enjoyable experiences, as it was incredibly rewarding to hear the end results of what I had recorded.

Since I am now trying to pursue teaching guitar, I consider Mike’s knowledge of the instrument in terms of teaching to be valuable, and will utilize my past lessons, along with Mike’s guidance, to hopefully becoming a successful teacher myself.

SHOWS = 1 (Came back as special guest)
SONGS PLAYED = 4 (Dream Theater/Vai/Metallica/Alter Bridge)
Danny Ambrose = Kenilworth, IL
Kenilworth Guitar Lessons
The benefits I have received by taking guitar lessons from you, have been numerous, and priceless! Within the 20+ yrs, we have known each other, I have grown as a person and a player. The early years, with all the theory and technique, were tedious, however, as the years went by, everything has come into focus, and put together the solid foundation I needed to begin recording my original music with confidence. Lessons with you, not only create a better physical player, but a conscious one. Your teachings are not just physical, but they are for the mind and soul. Allowing students to “dig deep”, and learn how to execute through their fingers, what they feel in their soul. I will keep taking lessons, as my soul’s journey through music, has just begun!!! Thank you, Mike, for everything!!!

Alison Meyers = Northbrook, IL
Northbrook Guitar Lessons
When I first started taking lessons with Mike, I was never too serious about guitar. I thought it was just a side project that would occasionally relieve boredom. My previous teachers hadn’t taught me much and my technique was spotty at best. After almost 5 years of lessons with Mike, I have excelled in every category of guitar compared to my peers. I take a guitar class in school and my knowledge of guitar goes deeper than the teacher at times. I have reached levels of greatness that is largely unrivaled by kids my age. This is all due to Mike’s great lessons. Every week, I look forward to jamming with him and learning new things to improve my skills. He creates an environment that is both conducive to learning and fun. We get to play songs that actually fit my music interests and I get to use professional equipment that I would not be able to take advantage of anywhere else. You really learn the actual process of recording songs and playing in front of a live audience. I enjoy playing rock tunes which he caters to but he also does other genres of music as well. Without Mike, I wouldn’t be where I am today. You really can’t get that same experience anywhere else.

Zach Melcher = Stevenson High School
Stevenson High School Vernon Hills Guitar Lessons
I learned how to do everything better! My favorite part about guitar lessons is guitar playing technique. Guitar playing technique has helped me play various techniques cleanly. I learned a lot of theory which is very important to me. With Mike, I learned to play faster very quickly. I also learned how to fully set up a guitar with a Floyd Rose style tremolos. I learned about gear and setups.
Sagar Patel = Schaumburg, IL
Schaumburg Guitar Lessons
Mike Walsh is a rare teacher who combines unparalleled skill and virtuosity with an-all inclusive and ingenious method of teaching that covers all aspects of guitar, music, and all things in between and beyond. Mike is personally invested in the success of all of his students, and being one of his students means that you have his expertise to aid you in everything you do musically.
Ian Lutz
Guitar Lesson Testimonials Ian Lutz
From the the first lesson he questioned my goals and what I wanted to learn. I learned techniques from day one. I never learned pick and arm placement from any other teacher!! I now have plans and goals, I can hear improvement in technique, and speed which is my favorite. I highly recommend Mike for lessons for whatever your skill level is. I’m positive he can help your playing ability.

Steve DeLorge = Buffalo Grove, IL
Buffalo Grove Guitar Lessons
The guitar lessons have improved my understanding and appreciation of the guitar. When listening to a song I am able to understand what is being played and how. My technique has improved immensely. I believe I would not of been able to pick up on some of the nuances of techniques without the detailed lessons I have had. With the use of Guitar Pro and Michael’s training, I am able to take what we learn in the studio and really concentrate and practice on the different phrases of each song. With all the tools provided, If I put in the required time, I have no doubt that my playing will get me to any level I really want to be at. Michael is the consummate professional and teacher.

Tony J. = Lemont, IL
Lemont Guitar Lessons
Over the past two years of lessons with Mike, I have improved significantly and learned so many new things about music that I wouldn’t have learned elsewhere. When I look back at where I started, I can’t believe how much I’ve improved in such a short amount of time and it makes me look forward to more years of lessons with Mike. Even when I just started and wasn’t very good, he was very patient and always took the time to help me understand what I was confused about. Mike has already began to prepare me for when I go off to college and I’m on my own, so now I don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do when I get older. I know that the skills I am taught in these lessons can be carried on to other situations I face in everyday life. I strongly recommend lessons with Mike if you want to improve at guitar, learn technical aspects of the guitar, or start completely at the beginning.

Olivia Hodge = Lake Zurich High School
Lake Zurich High School Guitar Lessons
Since I started taking lessons with Mike, there has not only been a marked improvement in my technique, but also a raised awareness of what I’m doing on the guitar. Aspects of my playing that I never gave a second thought to (ex: how I hold my pick) have become focal points in my practice sessions. As a result, my playing is often cleaner and more refined than it once was. Not only did he correct my technique in this regard, he was able to explain the reasoning behind it. He expects a lot from us, but that’s because he is the real deal, and genuinely wants his students to improve.

Erik Tomlinson = Palatine, IL
Palatine Guitar Lessons
The biggest benefit for me besides actually creating proper technique and theory, was breaking through the creative wall that was in front of me. After playing for years I felt like creatively I hit my limit and I couldn’t progress as a guitar player any more on my own. After just a few lessons with Mike I instantly woke up out of the rut I was stuck in for so long. I really like the real world format the lessons are given in. This leaves no room for non-participation and allows you to experience things you just can’t on your own. This will inevitability allow me to continue to grow as a musician not just a guitar player. From the studio environment to group classes, and constantly changing up the format I never lose interest. Discipline, accountability and my own lack of expectation were missing and preventing me from writing that song or learning that hard part. Now patience and perseverance allow me to listen multiple times if need be or to master that part and finish the song. This type of stress relief isn’t sold in a store or prescribed.

James Murphy = Greyslake, IL
Greyslake Guitar Lessons
When I first started guitar with Mike Walsh, the only thing I knew about guitars was their existence. Of course, like any other guitar instructor, he taught me how to play and what makes a guitar a guitar. However, he took guitar teaching a few steps further. Not only has he taught me how to play, but he has also taught me what makes a well-rounded guitarist, how to be able to play in front of other people, how I could use this talent in the future without becoming a performer, and is currently teaching me how to perform on stage so that I don’t inflict a feeling of pain and torment into the eyes of my audience. Mike is full of great ideas and creative teaching techniques, all that have helped me become a better guitarist. I am currently in a band and write a lot of my own music. Thanks to Mike, I have been able to expand my music writing horizons because of the program he has us download. It may be expensive, but I always use this program. It is very nice, easy to operate, and fun to play with. Mike has a lot of experience with other bands (including his own 4-5 bands) and he does a very good job of transferring the knowledge harvested from his experience to his own students.

Liam Easley = Carmel High School
Carmel High School Mundelein Guitar Lessons
I’ve learned a lot of technique from my lessons as well as theory. Can’t wait to really start to play everyday for at least a couple of hours per day.
Mike Greco = Gurnee, IL
Gurnee Guitar Lessons
Guitar is a very interesting instrument to learn and I am so glad that I found Mike while I was searching for instructors. I am a beginner and initially learning guitar can be a bit frustrating sometimes. But since the start of my guitar sessions with Mike, he has made sure that each of them were fun to attend. His lessons are detailed and very well planned. From helping me out for buying the right guitar, customizing it to make sure it was comfortable to play, helping me practice the correct posture while playing and providing perfect homework plans, he has been a great mentor. As a person, he is quite cool, friendly and funny which makes the sessions really lively!

Anu Mishra = Deerfield, IL
Deerfield Guitar Lessons
Mike has a passion to teach and has a wealth of knowledge and real world experience that will help anyone improve. What amazes me the most is that Mike successfully tailors his approach to every level. I’m a beginner and Mike has the ability to set a pace for me that works; he has students that he’s taught for years and they’re studying at a much higher level. He wants you to learn, enjoy what you’re doing and develop your skills so that you can make music. Mike is also down to earth, easy to deal with and isn’t taking on students to fill in the cracks. He’s a musician and teacher of equal measure.

Ben White (Bass Lessons) = Deerfield, IL
Deerfield Guitar Lessons
I picked up guitar later in life (regrettably!) only because I have the time. I recently started taking lessons from Mike Walsh and suddenly, everything is starting to fall into place and make sense. Due to his focus on theory, drills and technique, the dividends are tremendous and paying off quickly. His lessons have really amped up (no pun intended) my abilities and confidence as a guitar player. I am so impressed with Mike Walsh as a teacher and his teaching philosophy; he truly is the real deal. In the 4 months that I have taken lessons, I’ve already recorded in a studio. I can’t begin to say how very beneficial this real world philosophy has been and the impact it has had on me as a player and also as person. As a teacher for more than 30 years, I recognize immediately a good teacher from a superb teacher, and Mike is, without a doubt, a superb music teacher. His knowledge of music, theory and technique is vast. Most importantly, though, is his talent for being able to convey his knowledge in a way that is easy to grasp and in an environment that is fun and relaxed.

Lynn Ridge = Inverness, IL
Lynn Ridge Inverness Guitar Lessons
Lessons with Mike are both fun and serious at the same time. You feel relaxed around Mike, but you still learn all the things you need to know about guitar. Mike creates a safe environment to learn and succeed in.

Suki Mohan = Daniel Wright Middle School
Twin Groves Middle School Jr High Buffalo Grove Guitar Lessons
Mike has been great so far. He has an unbelievable amount of patience with young kids. My 6 year old LOVES his class and looks forward to it each week. I can’t believe how much he has learned in such a short amount of time. I highly recommend Mike!

Dana Albrecht (Mother of Student) = Vernon Hills, IL
Caden 2.JPG
What I loved about your class was that you made everything fun for us. This was the first time that I was learning to play the guitar and you made it seem so easy. All the notes you emailed us after every class made it so much easier for me to practice at home . Thank you so much !
Jahanika Maroli = Buffalo Grove, IL
Before I discovered Mike’s guitar lessons I thought I could learn to play guitar online. I was way wrong. I tried everything from Youtube to Jam Play to Guitar Tricks. What a big waste of time and money that was.

I did a simple google search of “guitar lessons near me” and Mike’s website came up. To make a long story short, fast forward a year later, and I’m still taking “guitar lessons (that are nowhere) near me” with Mike. I drive an hour each way 2 times a week to Mike’s studio and it is worth every minute spent to get there.

My guitar gains this year are so many, here are some of them. First and foremost I am learning to play correctly. I came in with bad technique and Mike was able to correct that. Music theory actually makes sense now. Mike’s lesson format has you playing with other people from day one. For anyone not aware, playing with other musicians is HUGE. I’ve learned to play full, complete songs, note for note. I’ve recorded these song and performed them live. I challenge you to find other lessons that provide this opportunity. I have gained immense guitar confidence, knowledge, and skill. I am no longer frustrated like I once was. I’m doing so many things on the guitar that I always thought were too difficult and not even possible. The more progress I make with Mike, the more excited and motivated I become. With Mike’s lessons it’s clear that literally anything I want to do on guitar is possible and eventually obtainable because Mike has the experience, knowledge, and ability to get me there.

If you are serious about learning guitar quickly and correctly, all while doing it in an very unique format that is not available anywhere else, don’t waste the time and money that I did. Give Mike’s lessons a chance if you want instruction from a professional guitar player and teacher. Simply put, learning to play guitar from Mike Walsh is like learning to play basketball from Michael Jordan (Lebron James?)...or quarterback from Tom Brady...or hockey from Wayne Gretzky! :)

Mike Aiello.jpg