Double Your Speed In As Little As Two Months With Mike's Super Shred System

Become One Of The Fastest Players In The World With Proven Picking & Efficiency Techniques

From the the first lesson he questioned my goals and what I wanted to learn. I learned techniques from day one. I never learned pick and arm placement from any other teacher!! I now have clear goals and I can hear improvement in my technique and speed (which is my favorite). I highly recommend Mike for lessons for whatever your skill level is. I’m positive he can help your playing ability.
Steve DeLorge, student since 2014

Learn To Shred With Mike And You Will: 

  • Gain up to 50% faster picking in your first session

  • Double your tremolo picking speed in as little as 2 Super Shred sessions

  • Learn proven tremolo techniques that will explode your potential and make everything easier

  • Take lessons in a professional recording studio

  • Receive Professionally recorded audio & video of your playing

  • Perform in a group ensemble and jam like a real band

  • Learn how to prepare for live shows

  • Join the World Tremolo Federation and push yourself to new levels while having fun and meeting other crazy shredders



 World Tremolo Federation

Wanna join a Shredders League and push your abilities to Guitar God like levels?

Wanna play 300bpm in as little as 2 Super Shred sessions and be the envy of all your guitar friends?

The list below only contains students who reach 200bpm and take the Super Shred program.


SHREDDING GODS  = 500bpm +

Mike Walsh AKA (SGT Shredder):   600bpm “CHAMPION”


DARTH SHREDDER =  400-499bpm

Mike O'Halloran:   400bpm “CHAMPION”


SUPER SHREDDERS (Spartan 300 Group) 300-399bpm

James Murphy:   300bpm “CHAMPION”

Sagar Patel:   300bpm


NINJA SHREDDERS = 200bpm-299bpm

Maxim Popov:   280bpm “CHAMPION

Tom Therriault: 270bpm

Steve Delorge:   250bpm

Danny Ambrose:   250bpm

Erik Tomlinson:   240bpm

Ryan Babal: 240bpm

Alison Meyers:   240bpm

Tony Jurgetoa:   200bpm





Mitchell Guittar (Senior Year Speed):   320bpm "CHAMPION"

Liam Easley (Senior Year Speed):   310bpm (#1 Contender)

Zach Melcher (Sophomore Year Speed):   280bpm (#2 Contender)

Jack Maiolo:   260bpm



Zach Melcher (8th Grade Speed):   280bpm (Record Holder)



Most Improvement After 1st Session:   Jack Maiolo +80bpm

Most Improvement After 2nd Session:   James Murphy +100bpm


Mike Shredding Guitar

Mike Walsh playing the guitar & piano at the same time at the National Guitar Workshop.

Mike Walsh Playing Alice In Chains Man In The Box Tapping on a Double Neck Guitar

Mike Walsh Playing Guns & Roses Sweet Child O' Mine Tapping on a Double Neck Guitar