I provide businesses with group guitar lessons as part of a company provided or subsidized employee benefit.  

Do you want rock star employees? Then treat them like rock stars!


Here's how it works: 

  • Guitar lessons are available to the employees during lunchtime, generally 11:30am to 2:30pm

  • Students select a 30 minute guitar lesson at the available time that works best for them  

  • Lessons are comprised of groups of two or more students

  • Discounted rates for total number of lessons and for group size

Guitar Lessons That Provide a Richer Experience:

  • Play in groups like a real band

  • Receive audio & video recordings of your playing

  • Train using my enormous database of guitar lessons

  • Utilize my playing techniques to explode your progress
Mike Walsh has a degree in Music Education and has been giving guitar lessons for over 20 years. 

Mike Walsh has a degree in Music Education and has been giving guitar lessons for over 20 years. 


Hi, I run the HR department of our business and am interested in offering guitar lessons as a work perk to our employees; how do I pose this to our management team to get them on board?

Here is a list of reasons why several forward thinking companies have offered my guitar lessons to their employees.  I call it the WIN-WIN scenario and what your business NEEDS to compete in today’s business world.  All businesses are looking for an edge finding and retaining loyal and highly productive employees.  We’ve all heard about those incredible work benefits that companies like Google and Apple offer their employees. They wouldn’t be offering these perks if they weren't increasing employee retention and positively impacting the bottom line.  Contact me today and let's create a WIN-WIN scenario at your place of work. 


I have always wanted to play guitar but could never find the time in my schedule or the right teacher. Can you help ease my concerns about you coming during lunchtime and teaching us?

Alison Meyers sits down to talk about her journey and how sometimes music can be more than just about the music.

 I am a real professional like you, except my job for the last 20 years has been teaching guitar.  I consider myself an elite professional that knows how to train students to achieve their music goals.  I was so passionate about teaching music that I earned a B.A. degree in Music Education.  I get results for my students because I know what works and what doesn’t work from 20 years of teaching experience.  Students train in an action packed system that produces results unlike other teachers.  I use a gigantic database of guitar lessons that I have created to turbo-charge your progress and ensure that when you’re at home practicing to this program, you’re going to get better!  The best part might be that this process is addicting and fun.  Students love to practice and especially love to play along with the program to their favorite songs. I tweak how you play guitar with sports science principles and make you a better guitar player FAST. The other thing is, I’m super easy to get along with and a great lunch pal.