G60 Pro Schedule = 2017

week 1 Thursday at 6pm = Scales/Solo Implementation Class

Week 2 Thursday At 6pm = Blues Class

Week 3 Thursday at 6pm = Super Shred Class

Week 4 Thursday At 6pm = Wedding/Party/Corporate Music Class


*Classes are sold in Packages 2,3,4,5 and 6 in the 2017 Lesson Agreement.


Why should you join G60 Pro? = MORE UNIQUE EXPERIENCES!!

G60 Pro not only offers you more Pro level classes you can't find anywhere else to take and get better at, but it will accelerate your already high paced progress by taking on even more important categories of music development to supercharge your training each week. Simply put, if you want to become a pro, you need to train like a pro and that's not by taking a half hour a week class doing mainly songs with your trainer. No professional athlete only spends a half hour with the coach and trains in a one dimensional format, so why should you = NOT!!!!!!


                                                                         PACKAGE           2 & 3         4 & 5                                                    

1) FREE monthly music related article (emailed on the last week of the month)                              X                           X

2) Come to any students recording session to see the recording engineering side with me         X                           X

3) Record in my studio for $40 an hour (regular rate to public is $50)                                                 X                           X

4) Video any song and I'll record and edit it at $40 an hour ($80 normal hourly lesson rate)       X                           X

5) Come and see MY BANDS recording sessions in the studio                                                                                               X