Learn Songs And Perform Them Like A Pro.


  • Learn To Play 100% Of Every Song!!
  • Increased Self Confidence & Passion For Music
  • Get Experience Playing Live In Front Of People (Family/Friends/Strangers) In A Safe / Encouraging Environment
  • Get Over The Fear Of Playing Live And Turn Fear Into FUN
  • Do Something Cool You Always Want To Do & Others WISH They Could Do But NEVER Will
  • Learn How To Prepare Musically For A Show To Sound Like A Pro
  • Learn How To Prepare As An Entertainer For A Show And Look Like A Pro
  • Meet Challenging Time Deadlines Like A Real Band Does For Gigging Out
  • Learn About And How To Take Care Of Your Instrument / Gear
  • Meet And Have A Good Time With Other Musicians (This Goes For The Parents Too)
After almost 5 years of lessons with Mike, I have excelled in every category of guitar compared to my peers. I take a guitar class in school and my knowledge of guitar goes deeper than the teacher at times. I have reached levels of greatness that is largely unrivaled by kids my age. This is all due to Mike’s great lessons.
Zach Melcher, Stevenson High School


 Mike is an accomplished live musician and has his degree in Music Education and over 22 years experience teaching guitar in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs. 

Mike is an accomplished live musician and has his degree in Music Education and over 22 years experience teaching guitar in Chicago's Northwest Suburbs. 

I have two problems,

1) I seem to know only parts of songs.

2) I Am Afraid to perform on stage because of other people watching me. My fears are holding me back but i want to do this someday.

How can you help me overcome these issues and make stepping on stage a reality one day?

These are the two BIGGEST problems for most students concerning the topic of playing a show. A lot of my experienced new students generally don't know how to play ANY song 100% let alone live on stage in a band setting. Secondly, even if they did know how to play a song 100% they feel insecure about doing it in front of people so they wouldn't step on stage anyways. I wanted to address these show issues and more to help students say YES to playing on stage, so I created a special event in my format called "Student Performance Night." 

1) = Learn 100% of every song!!! You will learn fun, popular and professional songs during my custom lesson semesters. You will train on how to break down all the song sections, use a music program that will allow you to learn the song parts FASTER than ever before and finally play ALL the music correctly during your weekly practice's at home.

2) = Build your confidence to play live!!! You will do this slowly by implementing handouts I create to guide you as a performer so you will look and feel like the stage performer you always wanted to be. After implementing the show/performance articles and handouts I created you will feel ready to step on stage and not be as fearful or anxious due to this specific training (other secret steps in here I leave out on purpose). 

2a) = Step on stage and play 100% of these songs live!!! When it's time for you to step on the big stage in the future, you'll have done this process many times, trained on how to learn the songs efficiently and THEN can feel confident in how you look performing/playing to an audience and will say YES to playing live. There are other details I must leave out but there are plenty as aspects we'll touch on to help you step on stage and perform like never before.

My specific live show training processes will identify the areas you need to work on and give you the time to make all the needed corrections far in advance of any real live event you'd play in the future. This will allow you to evolve as a player and performer which is same process all the pros do so they look like pro's and not average joe's on stage. After months of doing this process you're ready for my big show night, "Student Performance Night".

Start your process of becoming a confident stage performer with a free consultation. I've helped solve these crippling problems for students because it frustrated me to see them not prepared for school talent shows, their band's live performances or opening the door for those who thought they couldn't ever do this but wanted to step on stage someday. When you train with me these problems get addressed and fade away as a part of my lessons. No longer will students be massively afraid of the stage after just 6 months in my format. But you're not going to experience this aspect in 99% of music stores lesson offerings. If you don't believe me now that you've found me by searching for guitar lessons near me, then look up guitar lessons in Buffalo Grove, guitar lessons in Wheeling, guitar lessons in Deerfield, guitar lessons in Vernon Hills, guitar lessons in Northbrook, guitar lessons in Lincolnshire, guitar lessons in Palatine, guitar lessons in Mundelein, guitar lessons in Long Grove, guitar lessons in Arlington Hts and see which stores or teachers are doing this. Or simply book your free consultation today and step on stage fear-free with my training